From France to you: SBS to broadcast all Matilda’s matches of the FIFA Women’s World Cup™.
Catch every match of the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup™ live and free with SBS Radio’s daily coverage.
SBS encourages all Australians to embrace and celebrate a world of difference. Why? Watch this video.
Police have arrested a woman and seized a car after another woman was found dead on the footpath beneath a Sydney unit building.
How can you tell if an offender is sorry, rather than just sorry for getting caught? Judges must assess an offender’s remorse, and if they find it’s genuine, they can...
Season 3 began last week on SBS TV and the first four episodes are already at SBS On Demand.
As more US states move to ban abortion whilst others push for laxer laws, Dateline investigates the battle over women’s bodies and whether the issue could help...
The latest instalment of the groundbreaking, award-winning documentary series returns to visit the people whose lives have been followed since they were seven.
Actor Rodger Corser rose to fame for his roles in crime series Underbelly and the critically-acclaimed Glitch, and for the series lead on Doctor, Doctor.
Matildas superstar Sam Kerr says it felt like 'days were months and months were years' during her older brother Daniel's battle with alcohol and drugs.
The director of the landmark 'Up' series reflects on a lifetime spent telling the story of modern Britain.
The Handmaid's tale season three is here and you'll need to debrief. Join Fiona, Natalie, Sana and Haidee as they recap the first four episodes - once you've...
Discover Australia’s best kept secrets from the comfort of your couch.
This gripping espionage and political thriller follows Mari, an Intelligence Agency officer who goes undercover to befriend an asylum seeker who has arrived in...
Blum is out for revenge when he represents a group of Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart's ex-clients who claim the firm overcharged them.
2019 FIFA Women's World Cup™ on SBS

From France to you: SBS will broadcast all Matildas matches in the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup™.

This sweeping family saga returns, starring Pierce Brosnan as a Texas rancher who transforms into a calculated killer to rebuild his family legacy.
It was the same fear and uncertainty my parents felt just before Hong Kong was handed back to China in 1997, after 150 years of British rule.
This powerful four-part thriller follows an American photojournalist as he sets out to find the subject of his most famous picture - the Tank Man of Tiananmen...
A mischievous and heart-warming digital comedy that brings life in the territory to the small screen, 'Robbie Hood' will premiere on SBS On Demand on Friday 5 July.
Featuring an all-star cast, the genre-busting Arctic epic series returns with one final visit. Binge all three seasons of this chilling crime drama now.
This week on The Feed: school discipline. Are teachers too ready to throw out troublesome kids who fall outside the bell curve?
This sensual Spanish drama tells the story of an architect who, shattered by the suicide of her husband, discovers he was leading a double life with another woman.
In dystopian drama 8 Days, a meteorite is on collision course with Earth. The impending catastrophe sets in motion the reorganisation of society as we know it.
My wife had to deal with the relentless unsolicited advice about the 'correct' form of child rearing. This ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous.
An ER doctor moonlights as an underground angel of death, performing illegal, assisted deaths for patients who want to die on their own terms.
In June, SBS documentary series ‘Every Family Has a Secret’ will see six Australians discover the truth about their family’s past, confronting the secrets that...
"I truly believe treating others the way you'd like to be treated", the singer said after receiving the Anti Defamation Commission award in Melbourne.
"If you love something, go for it. Keep chasing it. Once you’ve been given the opportunity, take it with both hands.”
Indigenous Australians are expected to become leading participants in global satellite and space industry.
We are looking for bold, brave storytelling from Indigenous filmmakers and Indigenous production companies.
Ash Barty has been propelled to world fame after claiming the women's singles trophy at Roland Garros, but to mob she was already a legend of the game.
The acclaimed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander performance company, Bangarra Dance Theatre, is set to celebrate its 30th birthday.
In dystopian drama 8 Days, a meteorite is on collision course with Earth. The impending catastrophe sets in motion the reorganisation of society as we know it.
It was a simple acknowledgement of new love, and those who were really happy to hear about it.
I did it to “show” them. To “make” them “sorry.”
The library gave Dad and me a safe space to exist outside our roles at home. I learnt about Dad’s tastes in films and books. I also learnt he likes to take his...
"As an Asian man, I felt like I had something to prove."

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